TwitchyNoses is small charity set up to raise funds for homeless, injured and abandoned animals in Bulgaria and try and ease the suffering of the many stray dogs there and promote neutering and animal welfare. The Charity’s aim is to work with trusted people helping to rescue dogs (and other animals) here in Bulgaria and to assist them in the following ways:-

# Provide practical help to already existing shelters local to us (Kazanlak, Stara Zagora, Chirpan regions) and individuals involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation.
# Raise Funds To buy food and carry out routine veterinary care including sterilisations
# Fund Emergency operations
# Assist with various sundry items that the shelters and rescuers need
# Help find new homes for animals
# Take part in and organise neutering programmes
# Ease the suffering and try and make life a little more pleasant for chained dogs and those kept in yards
# Help with education about animal welfare and the benefits of wide spread neutering.

Anyone who has visited Bulgaria and driven around a little, will have seen the numerous stray dogs roaming around. Everywhere you go you see stray dogs running along the side of the road. In the towns they are on every pavement, sat outside restaurants and cafes and shops, sometimes fed, sometimes not. In the villages the situation is often dire, with starving and injured dogs trying to survive in anyway they can. With an ingrained attitude against neutering and a lack of organised and co-hesive neutering campaigns by municipalities, there are numerous unwanted puppies which are simply disposed of; dumped in the middle of nowhere, put in sacks and drowned in rivers, beaten to death, dumped in bins. There are also numerous dogs destined to live their life on the end of a chain or in a fenced yard, with little shelter, poor food and no access to veterinary treatment.

TwitchyNoses also aims to help the dogs in the local municipality pounds that are taken there to be simply neutered and returned to the street (if they are lucky) or that are on a death sentence unless we can get them out and re-homed. We wish to concentrate on giving the old and sick a chance to live the rest of their days in relative comfort.

Most important is the need to neuter as many stray animals and village dogs and cats as possible to prevent indiscriminate breeding and the constant dumping of litters of pups and kittens. This is the only viable way to reduce the massive number of stray animals on the streets of Bulgaria.

Each municipality in Bulgaria is meant to have a shelter for stray dogs and a state funded neutering program, however most of these state run places are little more than death camps for the dogs and the money given to the shelters for neutering programs is siphoned away somewhere else. These municipality shelters are usually off the beaten track and most people do not even know they exist, let alone that they can have hundreds of dogs locked away, often with no food or water, left to freeze in the winter or in baking hot cages in the summer. There is little or no medical care and the chance of any of these dogs being re-homed is practically zero. A few dedicated individuals work to try and get as many of these poor dogs out of these awful places or at least take them food and give basic veterinary care where they can. In other places due to a supposed lack of funds on behalf of the municipality there are no pounds and dogs are often just rounded up and dumped miles away to clear the towns of stray dogs, or poisoned or shot.

It was with this in mind that we decided to set up TwitchyNoses so that we could assist sic, starving and injured dogs found on the street and the dogs in shelters that need help. TwitchyNoses aims to raise awareness and funds and to use the money where it is most needed; be that for neutering, food, basic vet care and parasite treatment for chain and yard dogs, funds for repairing or building housing for the animals, money for emergency operations or efforts to re-home animals within Bulgaria or abroad.

We believe every animal deserves a warm and safe place to call home, regular meals, veterinary care when required and love and companionship.

You will find details on this website of our work as well as photos and descriptions of particular animals waiting for new homes.

If you have personally found a sick, injured or stray dog please see the Need Help page and also the list of other shelters and organisations in Bulgaria as we can only help in our local region (Stara Zagora/Kazanlak/Chirpan) and this will give you a starting point of other organisations you can contact that would be better placed to help. There is also a list of places offering free neutering.

If you are interested in helping, please see the ‘How You Can Help’ page. You can help buy donating funds, items, buying something from our online shop, fostering or adopting a dog or helping with home-checking.

If you can give a dog or a cat a good foster or permanent home, please get in touch. We are desperately in need of foster carers in Bulgaria and also people willing to open up their homes and gardens to older animals or those with no chance of being re-homed.

Thank you for visiting and for your support.