42 Dogs rehomed and one cat so far….

Bedding down for the night on ferry with dogs

So we have finally arrived back in Bulgaria after a nightmare of a journey. We decided this winter to sell our apartment in France and close down our business there so we could spend more time in Bulgaria and concentrate more on the charity. So we completed on our house sale at the start of May and packed the car and van with our belongings and the 4 dogs and set off back to Bulgaria.

However, we had 2 unscheduled stops, one in central Italy and one in central Greece after the car broke down twice. But we have now made it back and are getting things sorted to enable us to take in our first couple of fosters. We will shortly give a temporary home to Spaiky and Laika.

I have done some much needed updates to the website and am happy to say over the last year since TwitchyNoses really started to operate, we have rehomed 42 dogs and one cat and have been instrumental in helping a number of others. It has not been an easy ride. After attempting to work with various organisations within Bulgaria, it was difficult to know who to trust and we were often not sure funds given to some were being properly used. We therefore shifted our focus to just working by ourselves and with a handful of individuals we know.

I have been in contact with most of the adopters of the animals we have helped save and it is heart-warming to hear the tales of these gorgeous dogs settling into family life and having a sofa or bed to curl up on. And managed to visit a few of the dogs we have rehomed when I visited England in December 2012.

But there has also been heart-break along the way. Little Lora who was riddled with tumours only lasted a matter of months after joining her new family in Bulgaria, and poor Jackson who was burnt with acid developed kidney issues and succumbed to heart failure after being in his new home for only a short while. Little Bennie who we nursed from just 4 weeks died shortly after being spayed in the UK. But at least all knew love and safety in the short time they had with their new families.

We have lots of plans to move TwitchyNoses forward and will be building more dog runs and pens at our house and also helping as much as we can at the Kazanlak municipality shelter close to us here in Bulgaria and helping Ive who runs her own private shelter. We hope to hold some charity music nights and will be attending table top sales to raise funds.

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