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Donations collected for shelters in Bulgaria

We have been kindly donated dog beds, bedding, food and treats for the dogs in Bulgaria and will have a full van load going back to Bulgaria shortly. These donations will be distributed between various shelters in Bulgaria and also given to villagers who get their animals neutered. 

Musings for 2013

As 2013 draws to a close we take a look back at the dogs we have fostered and helped over the year and the new direction TwitchyNoses is going to be taking in the future. Over the summer of 2013 we fostered several dogs personally, some long term as they required a lot of veterinary read more »

42 Dogs rehomed and one cat so far….

So we have finally arrived back in Bulgaria after a nightmare of a journey. We decided this winter to sell our apartment in France and close down our business there so we could spend more time in Bulgaria and concentrate more on the charity. So we completed on our house sale at the start of read more »

Second attempt to visit dogs at Municipality shelter

On Friday 15th June we again tried to visit the dogs at the Stara Zagora municipality shelter but the lady who “works” there and I say “works” in the loosest of meanings, was not there. There was just a note saying she would be back in an hour. Whilst we could not get inside yet read more »

Visit to Stara Zagora Isolator

On 31st May 2012 Rachel and Pete met with Iva after she had finished work. Our first port of call was to collect a puppy at the bus station that had been sent from Sofia. Then we met with Cvety and went to the Stara Zagora municipality shelter. You would never find this place if read more »

Two Small Pups in the Isolator

These two little mites stand little change if left in the isolator. They are in a bare concrete pen with little food or water and no socialisation. They will likely be sterilised when old enough and then immediately chucked out before their wounds have time to heal. They will not be vaccinated and likely to read more »

Can we get Yellow out of the Isolator

This dog first came to our attention when Cvety and Iva visited the isolator to rescue the 13 pups there with their mum. This poor dog was heavily pregnant. Unfortunately the director of the isolator would not let Cvety and Iva simply take her and they had nowhere to immediately put a mum and very read more »

Archy is Looking for His Forever Home

Archy was dumped at the bus station in Stara Zagora. The warden was going to have him killed but luckily a lady that runs a stall there intervened and called Cvety and they took him in. He is around 10 months old and a fairly large dog. He’s very playful and friendly. He has been read more »

13 Puppies and their Mum doomed unless we help

13 BABIES AND THEIR MOM NEED URGENT HELP TO LIVE!!!! They are in the isolator at Stara Zagora. It is not a nice place. We can get these pups and their mum out but we need to raise 220 Euros for all their tests and vaccines. Some of the pups have broken legs as well read more »

Milen – dragged behind a car and left to die

MILEN Milen was tied to the back of a car and dragged along as ‘punishment’ by his former owner. He suffered horrendous injuries including broken legs and pelvis and cuts and bruises. He was then thrown in the garden to die. His owner refused to give him up but he was rescued in any case read more »