Can we get Yellow out of the Isolator

This dog first came to our attention when Cvety and Iva visited the isolator to rescue the 13 pups there with their mum. This poor dog was heavily pregnant. Unfortunately the director of the isolator would not let Cvety and Iva simply take her and they had nowhere to immediately put a mum and very small pups. Female Dog in Stara Zagora Isolator She must have given birth in this awful place but the puppies either all died or were killed (we were told that they were simply thrown in the bin) and she remains there. The director says she is aggressive and bit a small child. How true this is we do not know but when we visited the isolator a few days ago she was still there is her concrete pen with just a pallet and some mouldy bread.

If anyone can offer her a home we will make a plea to the mayor of Stara Zagora and ask that we be allowed to take her as a charity and rehome her.

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