Dogs Requiring Homes

You will not see loads and loads of dogs on this page. We are trying to focus mainly on neutering and improving the lives of village and chain dogs. But there are certain cases we cannot over look and where the dogs need immediate help. All these dogs are either in our personal care or in the care of people we trust to foster them in Bulgaria or are at one of two small privately run shelters we know and support. We do not believe in taking dogs straight off the street and sending them to new homes un-assessed, without backup.

We do of course often come across dogs and puppies in need, either injured or abandoned, starving or just struggling to survive on the streets. And through the various neutering campaigns and through our work at the local shelter (Kazanlak) and with other local rescuers, we do come across dogs that would not survive being put back on the street, or who we feel given a chance would make wonderful pets. Here we highlight the dogs we personally have in our care (or foster) and also we intend to start featuring dogs at the local municipality shelter or small private shelters we help. If we have definite home offers or interest in some of these dogs, we can take them out of the shelter and introduce them to living in a home environment and prepare them for their new home either here in Bulgaria or travel to the UK. So the dogs we re-home are given the best possible chance, we restrict our re-homing abroad to the region local to Manchester, where life time back up can be provided by Dogs4Rescue.

If you are interested to re-home any of the dogs featured on this page, please get in touch.

[Last updated 4th Feb 2017]


Bulgarian stray dog

We saw Branston in the centre of town and at first thought it was a very pregnant female dog as he was so huge with a massive swollen belly. However, on inspection at the vets, it turned out he has a heart problem and this was all water retention. He also has Lymes disease and Anapolisis. He is on antibiotics for this and heart pills and diuretics. And in just a month he has improved drastically. He is part husky and around 2 to 3 years old. He absolutely loves people and is now bouncy and cuddly. He would love a family of his own. He will need to be on daily heart tablets for his life but these are only around 5 levs a month. Because of his enlarged heart he should not have too much exercise. He is also a little grumpy around other dogs and currently exhibits some food aggression. An only dog home would be best for all these reasons and with someone that can give him some training. He does not howl like a husky and is very quiet and well behaved. Because of the medications he needs we would prefer him to find a forever home here in Bulgaria. So long as the vet deems it safe to do so, we will vaccinate and castrate him for a new home.


Scraps stray Bulgarian dogThis old guy was seen in the centre of the village next door to us. He was very skinny, had very runny eyes and had lost a lot of hair. We picked him up and took him to the municipality shelter for assessment by the vet there and as we were about to travel and could not care for him.

Unfortunately it turns out he has heart-worm as well as ticke-borne disease, erhilosis and mange. He is well over 10 years old, has barely any teeth left and likely poor hearing. He has begun treatment.

He has now finished his treatment and is looking for a quiet home within Bulgaria to spend the rest of his life, however long he may have left. We feel he is a little old and frail to travel. He is used to other dogs.