RIP – Dogs that unfortunately we could not save in time



This poor little Pincher was dumped. He was around 10 years old, had arthritis, bad diarrhoea and was terrified. He was so small and unlikely to survive the winter there. Treatment started for the diarrhoea and a home was found for him in Bulgaria but unfortunately he was found to have stomach problems and a blockage and did not survive the surgery.



Burt was an old Sausage Dog found abandoned on the streets of Kazanlak. He was taken to the municipality compound in a poor condition. Ive took him to her place and he seemed to be on the mend and a home had been found for him. Unfortunately he died before he could travel to his new forever home.



Bulgarian stray dog

Rowly was around 1 year old. He was dumped in a park in a southern Bulgarian town in the summer along with his brother, Ronny. Both young dogs were being fed by a lady that rescues dogs in that area. She managed to find Ronny a home in Germany but Rowly was still living on the street. We had found him a place in a private shelter but unfortunately when we had him assessed by a vet he had a very bad blood infection and did not survive.


Bulgarian stray dog

Jackson was found burnt with acid with very bad wounds. He was rescued from the street and put on someone’s garage until he was taken to a clinic. After that he came to us for the summer and then went to a fabulous home in the UK. Unfortunately he developed kidney problems and was put on a special diet and blood tests. He then developed breathing problems and before he could see the vet passed away.






Zina was one of 4 pups we took from the Stara Zagora isolator. She had been spayed at under 2 months and unfortunately succumbed to Parvo-virus a few days after she got to her foster home. Her brother, Fred, also died a day or two later.






Orange, puppy that died

This cute little guy also succumbed to Parvo virus a few days after getting to his foster home.



Another Little Pup
puppy that died of ParvoThis little guy also came from the Stara Zagora isolator and was probably from the same litter as Zina. He was very nervous and scared and unfortunately we did not even have time to think of a name for him as he died just a day after getting to his foster family.


Bulgarian abandoned dog

Lucky was found after being hit by a car. He had been taken in by a local but had not received any vet treatment and left un-treated for several weeks. He was in severe pain and could not use his back legs and had sores and a very bad infection in his genitals. He was taken for surgery and his back pinned but unfortunately he never regained proper movement in his legs, although there was a glimmer of hope. He had to be rushed back to the clinic twice for complications but he did eventually travel to the UK where he was doing really well. Unfortunately he constantly developed infections and eventually after a particularly bad episode the tough decision as taken to put him to sleep.



Old Bulgarian street dog

Ben was found in north Bulgaria starving and going blind. He was found to have heart worm and under went treatment. He was getting better and was moved to kennels whilst his health improved and he had a home lined up in England. Unfortunately he died before he could travel to his new home.




Bulgarian stray dogAlex was a street dog that lived with a homeless lady and another dog. He had a large tumour growing on his hind leg that he been getting progressively worse for 2 years, and had started to cause him pain when walking. We were asked to help and so had Alex taken to a clinic and tests done, after various opinions it was decided to operate and remove the tumour. The operation was a success but the tumour was malignant. Alex was recovering in a foster home when he went into kidney failure and died.

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