Long Term Residents

Some of the dogs we help are too traumatised to be re-homed; they may have been kept on a chain their whole life, have been badly beaten and abused on the street and thus too nervous of people, they may show aggression, have disabilities or just be too old to travel. These dogs therefore need someone safe to spend the rest of their lives, where they can live off a chain, have shelter and food and water and medical treatment when needed. We currently have a couple of long term residents and our aim is to set up a private open plan rehabilitation centre with friends and fellow rescuers as a safe haven for these dogs.

We require sponsors for these dogs to cover their ongoing costs and we are looking to raise around 25 Euros (£20) for each dog per month, as this at least covers their food costs. Medical bills and any food supplements they require is extra. Please see below as to which dogs currently need a monthly sponsor. You will receive regular updates on your sponsored dogs and pictures and video.


Rescued Bulgarian DogDougal was found wandering the streets of a town in northern Bulgaria in a very matted and poor condition. He was taken to a foster and he was supposed to go to England. However, he showed a few signs of aggression when handled, due to a lack of socialisation. He would nip at times. And developed the occasional cough. We opted to try and re-home in Bulgaria but unfortunately his first home did not work out and his aggression became worse and he would also terrorise the cats in the house.

DougalHe was then moved to a specialised long term foster home with a good friend and fellow rescuer and is being regularly handled and trained. He will stay there long term. He is an old man and thus his medical needs are increasing as times goes on. He is going deaf and has a re-occurring cough that requires antibiotics. He also needs his teeth cleaning. We are looking for a sponsor for Dougal of maybe 20 Euros a month to go towards his food costs.




ScrapsScraps is well over 10 years old. We saw him curled in a pile of leaves in the centre of  a nearby village. He was very very skinny and had bald patches all over him. We managed to pick him up and took him home and then the next day took him to the vets for assessment. He was found to have various diseases including heart worm and was put on treatment and the municipality shelter and a friend cared for him.

He has now finished his treatment for heart-worm and mange and a ticke-borne blood disease. He has barely any teeth left. He currently resides at the local municipality shelter but will shortly move to long term foster with another good friend and rescuer. He’ll live out his days there. He has ongoing medical costs and we will need a sponsor for him. We are looking for around 30 Euros a month for him as he needs to be on soft food as he cannot really eat dry biscuits.

Scraps stray Bulgarian dog











Branston before

Branston was hanging around a little snack bar in the centre of town (Samokov). We saw him a couple of times and thought he was actually a very pregnant female dog as he had such a swollen stomach. As temperatures of below minus 20 were forecast we did not want puppies being borne on the street in such conditions so picked up the dog. However, she turned out to be a he, with a heart condition causing massive water retention. We drained 2 litres of water from his belly and he was put on heart tablets and diuretics. Within a couple of weeks there was a massive improvement. And after a month he was back to looking like a normal dog, if rather skinny. However, blood tests then showed he had Lymes disease and Anapolosis (another ticke-borne blood infection). He has started antibiotics and seems happy and bouncy. However, the vets cannot say how badly his internal organs have already been damaged and what the future will hold. He has a very enlarged heart and so must be on restricted exercise.

But he is a lovely dog with a great temperament. He is very soft and loves cuddles. He is a little grumpy with other dogs at the moment and shows some food aggression but is getting better.

Bulgarian stray dogHe will shortly go and live with Emma and Anthony at their home until we can find something more permanent for him. Branston is on daily heart pills and diuretics and this medication costs 5 Euros a month. On top of that we need to cover his food bill so we are looking for someone (or a couple of people) to sponsor Branston for 30 Euros a month.



Bulgarian puppy

We spotted Hazel at the local station when we took some friends to catch a train. She was with 2 other older dogs but was very small and skinny and incredibly nervous. It was getting very cold and winter was approaching and we did not think she would survive so we managed to go back the next day and catch her. She was around 4 months old when we found her. She has now been with us for 3 months but is the most nervous puppy we have ever come across. She is terrified of people and will only allow me (Rachel) near her. She also had a slight heart murmur on a check at the vets. Due to her extreme nervousness we have decided to keep her. However, this now takes our “pet” dogs to 6 so if anyone would like to sponsor Hazel for maybe 20 Euros a month it would at least go towards her food.