Musings for 2013

Noodle before and afterAs 2013 draws to a close we take a look back at the dogs we have fostered and helped over the year and the new direction TwitchyNoses is going to be taking in the future.

Over the summer of 2013 we fostered several dogs personally, some long term as they required a lot of veterinary treatment and time to re-cooperate, others just for a short time until the transport picked them up to take them to their new home. The summer of 2013 began with taking on little Kali, found chained to a truck and matted and terrified and Spaiky, who had been hit by a car in Sofia and needed somewhere to recover. Then came Noodle – one of our most memorable but most difficult rescues. He was seen wandering a village near Plovdiv in a terrible state. His fur so overgrown and matted he could hardly walk or eat. He was eventually captured and taken to a clinic and shaved and then brought to us. His first blood tests were not encouraging and he was struggling to walk. He was severely anaemic and had very low blood counts. He did not really pick up even after anti-biotics and his skin was terrible, peeling off in large chunks. More tests were done as it was feared he had leukaemia. However, it was found he had a tick borne disease and stronger anti-biotics and good food and multi-vitamins saw him recover. We also took in little Lucy, a young pup rescued by an English couple after they found her abandoned on the side of a road. All four went off to homes in the UK.

Then when there was nowhere else for Laika and Sherry we took them in. Both dogs had been shot in the spine by the same despicable excise for a human and left to die. Laika was lucky and learned to walk again where as Sherry was left paralysed. Both were left incontinent. Sherry became our cause “celeb” and we fund raised for a custom-made set of wheels for her so she could gain some mobility. However we could only offer her so much rehabilitation in Bulgaria and so a friend offered to foster her in the UK. Unfortunately her other dogs would not accept Sherry and we ended up having to move her to a different foster home.  But she attended hydrotherapy and was featured in a local and national newspaper and eventually offered a fabulous forever home. Sherry in the UK

We also continued to visit Ive at her little shelter and make visits to Kazanlak municipality shelter to see how we could help there. We were pleased to see that there were many new kennels at the municipality shelter and probably around 30 dogs, compared to the 100 or so there had been there last year. We helped Ive rehome a number of dogs including Rossie, Fonko and Doris. And later Poppy, Bendji and Bobby. The latter two we had the pleasure of looking after for a short time until they left for their new home. Unfortunately a couple of dogs we found homes for never made it and succumbed to old age or illness before they could truly appreciate love and a warm home.

There was also Lizzie who a friend kindly agreed to look after and get prepared for a new home in the UK, Stevie the blind dog from the Yambol shelter, fostered by a friend and then rehomed with the help of Blind Dog Rescue UK, Ulka given a fabulous new home in Bulgaria after being rescued from the Stara Zagora isolator and Sugar, fostered by a friend near Plovdiv.

We also made a couple of visits up to see Krasi, who lives in very basic conditions in north Bulgaria but takes in various strays and abused dogs and cats. We took her clothes and donations and went to help with fence repairs and chopping wood and take various dogs to the vets. Krasi was kind enough to take in a starving dog for us that was seen not too far from where she lived. We are actively trying to help Krasi rehome some of the dogs she has and help buy her food for the dogs and cover some veterinary expenses.

Bulgarian stray dogThrough out the summer we held monthly charity music nights near Sunny Beach and these were a great success. We could not have done this and raise the funds we did without the help and support of friends there and hope to continue these fun nights next year. We also attended a number of table top sales to sell items to raise funds.

We have forged a brilliant partnership and friendship with Daycare 4 Dogs, based in Manchester. They have offered foster homes to several dogs and found great homes for them, including Sherry.

Next year we aim to concentrate more on neutering programs and helping Krasi, Ive and other individuals with dogs they rescue, funding much needed food, veterinary treatment and castrations as well as finding homes for these poor creatures.

We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all our supporters, donators, fosterers and adopters. Without you we could not do what we do and help all these unfortunate animals.



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