OUTREACH Programmes

Through working with local villagers we are slowly starting to see a change of attitudes towards the way yard animals are treated. Much is simply down to a local of education. 

In the summer of 2017 we started treating a dog with severe mange. At first we could not get too close to the dog and so we simply placed the medicine in her food and stepped away so she would come forward and eat it. Local villagers had been putting food out for her and were amazed at the transformation over a matter of two or three weeks. We then had the dog spayed and put back on the street the next day. 



From this we were asked to visit a lady's yard dog that had a skin issue and growth. The dog would allow the lady near her and while she held the dog, we applied spot-on treatment for fleas and ticks and also took photographs of the lump on the dog's side to show the vet. After consultation with our vet and as the dog was fairly old and would be very stressed if taken out of thinly environment it had known, we opted to not operate but showed the lady how to apply iodine to areas the dog had scratched. 



We were also asked to visit the local shepherd's house and see one of his dogs that had lost a lot of fur and was red raw in places. Again the dog was fairly aggressive and would only allow the man near, but we showed him how to apply Nu-Stock lotion and checked back in a couple of weeks and the dog was much improved with new fur growth. 

We hope to be able to take this work further and organise special meetings through the village mayors and have a vet on hand to offer basic veterinary advice and treat for parasites. 

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