Pups and Other Dogs off to the UK at end of September

Bulgarian stray for rehoming Once again it has been a hectic few weeks with lots happening. We have managed to secure places for Ben and Jerry (the youngest pups) and Toby, Sushi and Suki a place at BarkOnline in Nottingham in the UK. They will all travel there at the end of September, however we need to raise a lot of money to ensure this happens. It costs £200 per dog for the transport and a little bit extra for the final vet checks and tape worm treatment.

Richy, the pup that had his ears and tail hacked off is being adopted by a lovely lady in the UK and will travel to his new forever home at the end of August. We have been raising funds for that as well.

Spirit, the dog burned with acid and with failing eye sight, has been offered a foster home in Cumbria and will go at the end of September. He will be supported by Blind Dog Rescue UK who will find a clinic for him to assess his eyes and fund any necessary operation and support his fosterer.


We have also taken on another two dogs for the next few weeks and are preparing these two dogs for their new UK homes. They will also go at the end of the summer.

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