In March 2015 we were asked by a friend if we could possibly help a homeless lady and her old dog. The lady had lived on the street for years, in the area of Sofia where my friend lives. She used to have 3 dogs but one died. She takes very good care of the dogs and whenever someone gives her some money from begging, she buys meat for the dogs. One of her dogs was around 12 years old and had a tumour on one of its feet causing the dog pain. We agree to cover the cost of taking the dog to a clinic for assessment. 

A day or two later, the dog (Alex) was admitted for tests, where he was screened for blood diseases and treated for parasites. The tumour was found to be large but could be operated on. If no operation was done then Alex would like die within 6 months. The old lady was desperate to give Alex a change at more time and so the decision was made to operate and the funds raised. 
Both Lilliana (the old lady) and Didka (her other dog) were extremely upset and worried to be separated from their friend and Didka constantly whimpered for Alex. Lilliana has a very hard life on the streets, she is almost blind and has to often sleep in the presence of drug addicts and it is not uncommon for her and the dogs to be beaten. 
Unfortunately Alex’s tumour turned out to be malignant. He underwent recuperation in a foster home but died a few weeks later through kidney failure. He was at least much loved and had warmth, safety and plenty of food for his last few weeks.