Second attempt to visit dogs at Municipality shelter

On Friday 15th June we again tried to visit the dogs at the Stara Zagora municipality shelter but the lady who “works” there and I say “works” in the loosest of meanings, was not there. There was just a note saying she would be back in an hour.

Puppies for rehoming in Bulgaria Whilst we could not get inside yet again, we immediately saw that there were a number of puppies in an outside fenced area. We counted 9, all around 6 weeks old. One had even been ear-tagged as though it had been neutered, despite being far too young.

Inside the shelter we could see “Yellow”, the adult dog we had tried to urgently find a foster home for back in the winter when she was heavily pregnant. Alas we did not manage and she gave birth in the shelter and all her pups disappeared.

There was also another dog that had been suckling puppies until very recently, possibly some or all of the ones outside.

Further down was a large adult dog and at the end was the mum and tiny pups we had seen last time, but we still could not get close enough to see how many puppies she had.

The little old scrawny dog we had seen last time was not there, and we hope it has been taken by a lady that comes every now and then to re-home the odd dog to Switzerland but we do no know.

dogs for rehomingThe good news is we have someone coming to help us for the summer so we can foster several dogs. Our first project is to get the pups we rescued from the isolator over the winter back too ours from Cvety and Iva’s as they are getting bigger and need space to run around and learn to play and socialise. From the 5 that survived Parvo virus one has been rehomed but a further two pups from Sofia have joined the litter and another rescued from the street, so we will be bringing 7 puppies home. Their large new pen is all prepared and we have even got a small swimming pool for them to play in.

Ideally we hope to get out the mum and tiny puppies from the isolator and see about the adult dogs, but will struggle to find room for the rest of the puppies.

We are trying to make contact with the Mayor of Stara Zagora to see if we can get better access to the dogs in the municipality pound and make their life a little more comfortable.

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