Just some of the dogs we have re-homed over the years. We have now re-homed over 250 dogs within Bulgaria, to the UK and the odd few to Germany. We try and post all the happy photos here but some do get missed.


Bulgarian stray dog
Bulgarian stray dog

















Bulgarian dogs re-homed











Bulgarian rescue dog
Choco rescued from municipality pound
Bulgarian rescue dog
Sara from the pound
Bulgarian rescue dog
Little Dora saved from a life with gypsies


Bulgarian rescue dog
Nula found with terrible mange
Bulgarian rescue dog
Olly, brother to Nula, found with terrible mange
Bulgarian rescue dog
Frenchie from the Kazanlak pound
Bulgarian rescue dog
Daisy found in middle of road
Bulgarian rescue dog
Noche, survived distemper
Bulgarian stray dog
McGinn from Kavarna shelter to the UK
Bulgarian small stray dog
Ali on the left with her new family in the UK
Bulgarian street dog
Titi now in England
Bulgarian rescue dog
Annabel now in the UK
Bulgarian street dog
Iliana now in the UK


Bulgarian rescue dog
Zorro from Kazanlak shelter, now in the UK
Bulgarian rescue dog
Axel came from Vidin, Bulgaria to the UK
Bulgarian rescue dog
Garry now in the UK
Bulgarian rescue dog
Ivan and his sister Iliana came from Dobrich, Bulgaria to UK
Bulgarian rescue dog
Barry (along with brother Gary) now in UK
Bulgarian stray dog
Bobbi re-homed to the UK
Maddie Bulgarian rescue dog
Maddie – lovely little character now in the UK


Bulgarian rescue dog
Alpha now in the UK
Bulgarian street dog
Michelle was found wandering the streets near Burgas, now in UK
Bulgarian street dog now re-homed
Gracie found in height of summer with old wounds and poor skin, now in UK
Cora - Bulgarian street dog
Cora was near death when she was found, now adopted by couple in the UK
Snowy - Bulgarian street dog
Snowy was found with very bad skin, now adopted in Bulgaria
Ellie - Bulgarian rescued dog
Ellie we took from the local pound and nursed her back to health and decided to keep her!
Bulgarian street dog
From streets of town north of Sofia, Bulgaria to U
safe Bulgarian street dog
Bruce was the only survivor of 12 dogs that were shot. Now he is in the UK
Rescued Bulgarian Dog
Crocki – rescued from the street and re-homed to the UK
Bulgarian three legged dog
Three legged Bobi adopted in Bulgaria
Bulgarian stray dogs
Borko (now Bobby) shot and left with wobbly back legs
Bulgarian stray dog
Bubka (now Jess)
Bulgarian stray dog
Beautiful Choco
Bulgarian stray dog
Dobrinka – hit by a car and left with one eye
Bulgarian stray dog
Dora – tiny nervous little dog
Bulgarian stray dog
Grumpy Dougie adopted in Bulgaria
Bulgarian abused dog
Frank found with terrible neck found from being tied, adopted in Bulgaria
Bulgarian stray dog
George found tied emaciated to the side of the road, rehomed in Bulgaria
Bulgarian stray dog
Disabled dog Javor
Bulgarian stray dog
Malcho found with very bad skin
Bulgarian abandoned dog
Opal (now Lola)
Bulgarian stray dog
Persi found matted and starving with 2 young pups
Bulgarian stray dog
Little Rasi found matted and starving
Bulgarian stray dog
Bulgarian rescue dog
Robin being bullied in shelter in Bulgaria
Bulgarian homeless dogs
Little Sunny
Bulgarian stray pups
Tommy & Sally


Bulgarian stray dog
Titi enjoying Christmas in the UK
Bulgarian abandoned dog
Teeny Titch
Bulgarian stray dog
Nervous little Remmie
Bulgarian street dog
Little Marti
Bulgarian stray dog
Stray Bulgarian dog
stray dogs Bulgaria
Little Lori
Bulgarian stray dog
Bulgarian stray dog
Lily on the right – found with very bad mange
rescued Bulgarian stray dog
Blind pup with ears hacked off
rescued Bulgarian dog
Husky found with terrible neck wounds
Bulgarian street dog
Nervous little Casper
rescued Bulgaria dog
Little one eye’d Charlie
rescued Bulgarian dog
Alice adopted in Bulgaria
rescued Bulgarian dog
Kayla was found butchered after a very poor castration
rescued Bulgarian stray dog
Little Bato
Tiny Katrina - badly infected jaw and uterus. Adopted by fosterer in Bulgaria
Tiny Katrina – badly infected jaw and uterus. Adopted by fosterer in Bulgaria
Barney - found as a young pup on the street
Barney – found as a young pup on the street
Melinda - a small, nervous little thing, now in a home in the UK
Melinda – a small, nervous little thing, now in a home in the UK
Brandy - about to be poisoned or shot, saved and now in the UK
Brandy – about to be poisoned or shot, saved and now in the UK
Nadia – now in England




Little Elijah and Mouse (centre) in the UK
Little Elijah and Mouse (centre) in the UK
Adopted in Bulgaria by Paul & Kayte of Kitkats
Adopted in Bulgaria by Paul & Kayte of Kitkats
Originally from Serbia, to Bulgaria, now UK
Originally from Serbia, to Bulgaria, now UK



Sarah - now Rosa
Sarah – now Rosa
Danger of being shot - now safe in the UK
Danger of being shot – now safe in the UK






Johnny - 3 legged dog from Kazanlak
Johnny – 3 legged dog from Kazanlak
Michael & Mark, found with their mum on a dump. Rehomed in Bulgaria.
Michael & Mark, found with their mum on a dump. Rehomed in Bulgaria.
Rescued from living in a cage by Sanctuary Bankso
Rescued from living in a cage by Sanctuary Bankso
This teeny weeny guy was emaciated and cover in sores. Now happily settled with new family.
This teeny weeny guy was matted, emaciated and cover in sores. Now happily settled with new family.
Pancho - found on side of the motorway.
Pancho – found on side of the motorway.
Toto – a small little guy, rescued by Ive and now in a home in the UK.
Willow found on the streets of Bansko, heavily pregnant
Willow found on the streets of Bansko, heavily pregnant
Ria and Rona were rescued from an old lady's house, where they lived in squalid conditions
Ria and Rona were rescued from an old lady’s house, where they lived in squalid conditions


































Sherry turned into our cause “celeb”. She was shot by the same person that shot Laika but was not so lucky and was left paralysed. There was nowhere for her and we offered to foster her. She arrived with awful pressure wounds and full of worms and in a poor state. After a few months with us she had her custom-made wheels and was a happy dog but we could not offer her any further rehabilitation in Bulgaria. She was offered a foster home in the UK and started hydrotherapy and was featured in the papers. She has now been adopted by a lovely guy and continues to amaze everyone she meets.



Sugar was found in a terrible matted state in Plovdiv and taken in by a girl there who fostered him and nursed him back to health. However, her neighbours were poisoning other animals around about so it was not safe for him there and he was offered a home in Manchester. He’s a nervous little boy who is slowly learning to trust others and play and have fun.




Lizzie’s friends on the street had all been poisoned and she was chained to the door of a building. A volunteer from Koi Me Iska foundation saw her and asked for help. A friend took her into his kennels and she was spayed and found to be a couple of weeks pregnant. After complications with the operation she pulled through and was taken to the UK, where she has now found the perfect home after a couple of homes that did not work out.






Blind and dumped on the street, then taken to Yambol municipality compound where he was incredibly scared and would not let anyone near him. Luckily he was taken in by friends and they gained his trust and then he was rehomed to the UK by Blind Dog Rescue UK.





A gorgeous little senior Dachshund was dumped at the Kazanlak shelter and was immediately offered a home with a lady that rescued Dachshunds in the UK.





Bendji was a nervous wreck when he was dumped at the Kazanlak municipality shelter. He would not eat or come out of his cage. After being taken to Ive’s private shelter he transformed into a lively little fellow and has now been adopted in the north of England.



Today Blackie is a different dog. She was found by an old lady in an awful state with her hind leg hanging off after being caught in a trap and she was on death’s door. She was taken in by Ive and nursed back to health after her leg was amputated. Now she lives with several other doggies in a home in Cumbria.



Little Bobby was at Ive’s shelter after following her home one night in town. He is a gorgeous little thing but a bit nervous. Now he is living in the north of England and attending doggy day care and learning to play like a normal little dog!



Laika was discovered shot in the spine in a village nor far from Sofia. A friend went to collect her and took her to a clinic in the capital where she was operated on. Luckily she regained movement but was left incontinent. This meant no one wanted to offer her a home and she stayed in a doggy hotel for a long time before they too asked for her to leave. She then came to us as a foster and a few weeks later went to the UK. She is currently with her fosterers but they love her to pieces and we secretly hope she’ll stay there 🙂


dog from municipality pound

Ulka was in the Stara Zagora isolator in a very bad way. At some point her ears and tail have been hacked off and she had very bad skin and rough red raw patches. Luckily a lovely lady here in Bulgaria saw the photos of her plight and offered her a home.


Noodle (now Stan)

Bulgarian stray

This little guy was found in a very very bad way. With long matted hair and could hardly move or eat. Someone saw him when driving through the village. At first she could not get near him but on the second attempt managed to get him into the car and took him to a clinic to be shaved. He then came to us. He had a very low red blood cell count and had an infection from all the ticks and parasites. His skin was a mess of scabs and bites. He also had abscesses on his feet and could hardly walk. He has a large tumour on one ear and other small ones on his body. He was on antibiotics and had the tumours removed and has been castrated. He now lives in a pub in England!


Bulgarian street dog

One more stray in Bulgaria- this is Rossie. She used to live in front of a store where a good woman took care of her. But one day she was hit by a car. The driver just passed by and left her, with one broken front leg and the other, out of his place. The woman from the store took Rossie to the vet- she has been operated on twice. After being constantly overlooked she is now rehomed to a fabulous family who also took Yellow (now Ella) from us.


Blind Bulgarian dog

Fonko was found wandering the streets of Kazanlak, probably chucked out as he was old and blind. He’s around 10 years old but still a lovely little chap. He is like a large Sausage Dog! very sweet and friendly. Fine with other dogs.







Doris was found wandering the streets of Kazanlak. Only around 2 years old and obviously a dumped pet. Now rehomed to the UK.




Bulgarian stray dog

Spike was living on the streets of Sofia, being fed by locals. He was the hit by a car and left with a badly broken leg. After surgery he went to a foster home but they could not keep him long and then he was put in a dog hotel. He came to us in June [2013] and went to his forever home to join Pipi in August.





Bulgarian street dog

Kali was seen chain to the back of a van with no food and no clean water. She was terrified and very matted. A couple rescued her and brought her to us. After a few days she was a completely different dog and soon found a home in the north of England.






Bulgarian rescued puppy

Lucy was found by an old Bulgarian guy near death on the side of a track. He picked her up but then dumped her in the village, outside an English couple’s house. They took her in nursed her back to health and then she came to us. She has now been rehomed to a family in the north of England.


Bulgarian puppy for re-homing

This little one was found on the streets of Bulgaria’s capital, very thin, not interested in food and full of parasites. A kind person found her and took her to a clinic. She was spayed and also had an operation on her back right hip joint which has been broken at some point in the past.  She required a second operation a little while later. She was in the clinic a long time and was not getting the exercise and attention she needed so a wonderful lady offered to foster her. As Pipi is so adorable she decided to keep her.



Blind Bulgarian stray dog

This is Oscar, a 7 year old street dog. Kind people were feeding him and had built him a wooden kennel by their block of flats. They had him vaccinated and neutered. He has lived by their apartment block happily for years. Then over the New Year period he disappeared. We do not know for sure but it appears some disgusting sick person has thrown a firework in his face or some such sick act. He was eventually found a couple of weeks later in a nearby park very scared and confused. His left eye was a complete mess, badly infected and full of puss. The people who cared for him managed to take him to a human eye doctor who said the eye was completely destroyed. They managed to get Oscar onto antibiotics and some drops for his eye. He is more or less completely blind, he might see shadows with the better eye but that is it. He was then living in the garage of these kind people and was underweight.

He is a lovely quiet dog and good with humans and other dogs but still very scared and in shock from this horrific attack.

He is medium in size and with longish fur. His eyes have been assessed and there is nothing further that can be done. He will be blind. He has been adopted by a lovely lady in the UK, along with Rex below.


Three legged Bulgarian dog

Rex was so badly beaten with a baseball bat that one of his hind legs had to be amputated. He was found in a terrible state and had started to gnaw at his own leg from pain. He was taken in by a lady that rescues many strays and then Ive took him into her private shelter. Now he will go to a home in the UK along with Oscar.



Amber (Mila)

beaten stray Bulgarian dog

Beating dogs with bats is a national sport in Bulgaria and this poor little girl has also suffered at the hands of thugs. A woman was walking with her own dog when she heard this poor little mite screaming in pain and terror. Several gypsies where hitting her with a bat. The little girl was just curled up crying.

The lady brought the dog to Ive who took her for x-rays. She had a fractured bone in one leg and cuts and bruises over the rest of her body. She was in so much pain but never once tried to bite those that rescued her. She under-went treatment and has now been rehomed in the UK.


Faith - old Bulgarian stray dog

This miserable dog appeared to have been callously dumped on the streets of Plovdiv. The vulnerable doggy was seen trembling and in a bad way…She was desperate, hundreds of people passed by every day, nobody paid her attention, people kicked her and tortured her. We managed to find her a place in a local dog shelter. She has a bad skin infection and it took months to get under control.

She was deemed to be around 5 years old. She was spayed and vaccinated and eventually travelled to a new home in the UK.

Roxy (Florence) 

Bulgarian stray dog

Originally named Florence, this lovely female dog was around 10 years old when she was dumped in the municipality shelter. She had been kept on a chain in a yard most of her life. She tried escaping and running back to her former home several times. A lady in the UK offered to foster her and did a great job of getting her used to home life. Unfortunately Flo’s first adopter did not work out and as Flo was still active and used to bark at unknown things and people, the lady threatened to have her PTS. We managed to intervene at the last moment, speaking to the vet who had been ordered to do it and getting Flo into emergency foster care. She has now found a lovely new family who adore her and have renamed her Roxy.


Male Bulgarian stray dogRoro was found wandering the streets in Southern Bulgaria. He was in danger of being poisoned like many other stray dogs in the same area had been. He was offered a foster in the UK and now has a lovely permanent home.





Old Bulgarian stray dog

This is Johnny. He is around ten years old, maybe more. He has a sweet nature but was living on the streets outside an apartment block. Locals fed him every now and then but he was still very skinny. He also had possible cataracts. With winter approaching and snow and very cold temperatures we wanted to get him off the street and to somewhere warm and safe as soon as possible. A kind lady agreed to pay for his clinic stay and adopt him once he could travel. He now lives in the UK with Djeki.


Bulgarian street dog

Djeki was spotted lying on a piece of cardboard in a very bad way. He has had his tail severed at some point and would chase the stump around. He also had a limp and was very under-weight. He was offered a foster in the UK and they fell in love with him and decided to keep him.





Bulgarian street dog

Chappie was born on October 24, 2008, and an older man was taking care of him since then. Before he got picked up by the pound, he lived in the man’s neighbourhood. He fed Chappie, kept him healthy and groomed, and gave him a lot of love, even though he couldn’t keep him at home. Then, Chappie was captured and neutered (under the city’s spay/neuter program for homeless dogs), and was placed permanently with the pound after some unscrupulous person filed a false complaint against him.

The man borrowed a car to visit him at the pound almost daily, to bring him treats and to walk him, and gave him a treatment for prevention of intestinal parasites.

Unfortunately, much as he would like to the man can’t adopt Chappie, so eventually a rescue in the UK agreed to take him and rehome him.


Female Bulgarian stray dogBecky had a home with a couple and another dog, but the woman of the house was taken into a mental institute and the 2 dogs seized. The man decided to keep the male dog, but Becky was thrown in the isolator. She is lovely and sweet and friendly and had been there for 3 months when the rescue that could take Chappie above also said they would take Becky and help rehome her.





Bulgarian stray dog

He was spotted hiding under a truck. Appears that he lived in a yard or was a pet but he has clearly been abandoned. He was very confused.

He is definitely blind in one eye but the other one does not look good either. The people from the building were feeding him from time to time.

Re-homed to a family in Germany.


Bulgarian street dog

Dylan was found starving and in a very bad way on the street. He was taken in by a kind man and nursed back to health. He had a massive hernia on his stomach that was life threatening and so was operated on. He was then offered a home in the UK and is now settling into a life of luxury and safety.



Mishko - Bulgarian stray dog


This little guy was found in a terrible state on the street. He had a bad ski infection and had to be completely shaved. A friend took him in as a foster and nursed him back to health and then he found a perfect home in Scotland.




urgent home needed for Yellow

We first saw her in the isolator in the city closest to our home in central Bulgaria. This is where the council take dogs from the streets. Yellow was taken into the isolator when she was heavily pregnant in late March/April. She gave birth in a horrid concrete cell with just a wooden pallet for comfort,  and mouldy bread to eat. Her puppies were all taken off her and dumped in a bin to die.

It took us until September to get Yellow out of there. The first time she was allowed out her cage she came up to me and snuggled. My partner went up to her and was a little quick to try and stroke her and she did try and nip him but after 2 minutes was sitting on his knee cuddling.

We took her to a specialised training and assessment place.

We re-homed her to a family in the UK where there was a 14 year old girl and a 23 year old one and no other pets. But within 24 hours the family were demanding we move her as she had been aggressive to the 23 year old male. We were not given the time to re-home her properly and so had to take her to emergency paid kennelling in Manchester.

Eventually we found a fabulous home for her. She is not aggressive at all, fine with men and other dogs and has settled brilliantly.


Rexy the pup

Rexie was found with two broken legs on the side of the road. She was taken to a clinic and operated on. She was then taken in by a private shelter to recover in Bulgaria before going to the UK. Her first permanent home fell through and she went to a fabulous foster home for a short time and now has a great forever home.




Billy - Bulgarian stray

Billy was an old guy in the municipality shelter. He had badly deformed front legs. He went to a foster home in Bulgaria and then was meant to be going to a permanent home in the UK. But the lady could not take him at least minute. An emergency foster was found for him and now he has a permanent safe and warm home in the UK.




Bulgarian puppy now rehomed

Puppy Nelson stole everyone’s heart. He has a neurological disorder, possibly caused by being dropped on his head or beaten when very young. This meant he had severe ticks and wobbles and could not really walk without falling over. We got him treatment and he improved loads. Now he is in a new home in the UK, just down the road from Luna (below).



One eyed Bulgarian stray dog

Tiny little Ellie was skin and bone when she was in the Kazanlak shelter. She had also developed a very bad eye infection and by the time she was taken to the vet, it was too late to save her eye. She was operated on and then recovered in a small private shelter before being re-homed to the UK, where she is settling into life as a lap dog.



pretty Bulgarian street dog

Zoe was in a bare concrete pen in the Stara Zagora isolator when we first saw her. She was heavy with milk but had had her pups taken off her and had been badly spayed. We got her out and she went to a foster home for a month or so. She has now travelled to her new home in the UK and is adored by her new owner.


Bulgarian dog rehomedRush was originally rescued by an English lady who then had to return to the UK. She was very nervous and not particularly used to other humans and living in a house. Another English lady kindly agreed to adopt her so she stayed in Bulgaria.

Ruby (now Luna)

Bulgarian stray for rehoming

This lovely Collie type dog was in the Stara Zagora isolator. TwitchyNoses got her out and put her in foster for a month or so before she travelled to the UK to her new family. She will shortly be attending all sorts of training and socialising classes up in northern Yorkshire.





Gracie (Nadya)

nervous Bulgarian stray for adoption

Remember this terrified little girl? Gracie, as we called her, who just sat quaking in the cage and no-one could get near her? Well after going to a specialised training place, she arrived in her home in the UK (Nov 2012) and while still nervous, she is settling in and getting used to being loved. She has been renamed Nadya.

Sushi & Suki

Bulgarian stray dogs rescued

Sushi and Suki came to live with us in the summer of 2012. They had been found on the edge of a busy road in Sofia. Sushi had been hit by a car and had a broken leg. We presumed they were sisters as found together and of a similar age. Eventually they found a fabulous home together in the UK and have come on in leaps and bounds as both were fairly nervous dogs.


Bulgarian stray dog in new home

Dedko had an awful life on the streets of Bulgaria. He was shot several times, attacked by other dogs, beaten by people. But some kind people rescued him and took him to a clinic for treatment and then we found him a foster home in Bulgaria, before he went to his new home in the UK.





Bulgarian street dog for rehoming

Rexy was found by an old guy on the streets of Obzor, a seaside resort in Bulgaria. The old guy took him in and looked after him but could only keep him chained in a yard so asked for help. TwitchyNoses fostered him for a couple of months and then he went to the UK. His original fosterer in the UK could not take him at last minute so someone else stepped in and Rext went to live with her grandparents in Cumbria. They have fallen in love with him and have decided they cannot part from him.



large dog rehomed

A lovely massive dog taken off the street and put in the Stara Zagora isolator. He is now in a fabulous new home in the south of England.





Bulgarian dog for rehoming

Jackson has been through so much. He was a street dog who had acid poured over him, was anaemic, very unweight and he is partially sighted. It has also come to light he has kidney disease. His fosterers in the UK have decided to keep him. Unfortunately he developed kidney disease and died a few months after being adopted.



Blind dog rehomed


Achilles was found drowning in a river, emaciated. He is blind and was very nervous and wary of people. But a Bulgarian family rescued him and nursed him back to health and now he is settled in a lovely new home in the UK.



Old Bulgaria stray dog


Sissy was once a pet and then as she got older she was abandoned. She was luckily taken in by a friend that runs a small private shelter and we found her a lovely home in the UK.





Once a pet, she was abandoned on the streets of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. For over a year kind people fed her and kept an eye on her, but others were not so kind and she was shot twice and also someone tried to hang her. We managed to get her into foster and find a lovely home for her in the UK. She is now settling in to her new life.

Sushi (now Lady)

Bulgarian street dog adopted


Sushi was a Bulgarian street dog being kept at a small over-crowded private shelter we were trying to help at the time. A friend visited the shelter and fell in love with her and collected her the next day. She is now called Lady and bring treated just like one in her new home in Bulgaria.



cat rehomed

This lovely little cat was once a pet, but was not spayed by her irresponsible owners, who also had a male cat and so she became pregnant and was chucked out on the street. Her former human family then moved, leaving her trying to fend for herself. Her kittens were born dead and she was struggling on the street, being kicked around, damaging her leg. A kind hearted person took pity on her and fed her and we managed to find a home for her with an English family in Bulgaria.

Fluerry (now Alfie)



Fluerry, as he was originally known, came to us with another small dog and had been living on the streets of Obzor, on the coast of Bulgaria. He was in danger of being hit by a car. He was supposed to have a forever home already agreed and so we fostered him for a couple of months. However, a couple of weeks before he was set to travel the person meant to be taking him said she couldn’t. After a desperate, urgent search, a fabulous home was found for Fluerry. And he is now settled in the UK.




Toby was one of the pups from the original littler we fostered (along with Curly, Mishka, Greta and Blacky below). An absolutely gorgeous, quiet boy, he was the last of the litter to find a home but is now happy in his new home in England.




Bennie was just 4 weeks old when she arrived at ours with her sister Jerry (below). She was full of worms and had more ticks and fleas than we had ever seen on such a small puppy. But after spending the summer with us, she was adopted by a lady in the UK, along with Toby. Here they are cuddling together. However, the lady decided she could not cope with both dogs and we put Bennie into foster. Unfortunately after she was spayed and while recovering, she was attacked and killed by the fosterer’s other dogs.

Jerry (now Jessie)



Little Jerry came to us on death’s door. Her and her sister (Bennie) had been part of a litter of around 5 or 6, but all their siblings and died and their mum was being used as a guard dog for an empty property. Neighbours fed her as best they could and noticed that she was not letting her puppies feed and so rescued the two pups. When she came to us Jerry was tiny (around 4 weeks old) and had a very bad eye infection, was full of worms, badly infested with ticks and fleas and had a very sore little bottom and could not go to the toilet. We were not sure she would even survive. Three months later she went off to her new home in the UK, where she is now a much loved and pampered little girl.


Richy rehomed


Richy was another pup we fostered over the summer [2012]. He had had his ears and tail hacked off. He found a great home near Manchester and is now a local celebrity.


Blacky, Mickey & Greta

Stray Bulgarian pup rehomedBulgarian street dog goes to GermanyBulgarian stray dog rehomed to Germany
Mickey, Blacky and Greta – These were two of the original litter we rescued from the Isolator and then another pup that was being beaten. Now all three have gone to Germany to be re-homed.


Bulgarian puppy has been rehomed Curly was adopted by a British couple living in Bulgaria. She was one of the original five survivors from the pups that all had Parvo and were rescued from the isolator.






Bulgarian dog rehomed
Little Mishka is now part of our household

Mishka (Mouse) stole our hearts as soon as we saw her and by the time she had been at our house for a week she had already made herself part of the family, so she will be joining our other 3 dogs.