Visit to Stara Zagora Isolator

Stara Zagora Municipality Shelter

On 31st May 2012 Rachel and Pete met with Iva after she had finished work. Our first port of call was to collect a puppy at the bus station that had been sent from Sofia. Then we met with Cvety and went to the Stara Zagora municipality shelter. You would never find this place if you were not taken there, it is along a dirt track close to Metro supermarket and is basically just a long building of bare concrete cages with a small office/room at one end. There is apparently someone employed to look after the dogs here but they obviously do not do much work as the dogs had no water, only mouldy bread or a few biscuits and no comfort whatsoever.


dogs at Stara Zagora isolatorThere were only around 7 dogs at the shelter. Our main aim was to see if a dog called ‘Yellow’ was still there. We had attempted unsuccessfully to get her out earlier in the year when she was heavily pregnant but the director would not let Cvety and Iva take her. All her pups were either born dead or killed shortly after birth. She is still at the isolator but in order to get her out we will need to appeal to the mayor as she has been labelled as aggressive.

In the pen next to her was another adult dog.

stray dog at stara zagora isolator


This is a poor, old and ill looking dog. It was struggling to stand on its hind legs and very dirty and bedraggled.




Two pups in Stara Zagora Isolator




These two young pups were all alone in the cage at the far end. They had no comfort and only a few dry biscuits.



new mum at stara zagora isolator

This lovely looking dog had just given birth to pups within the last few days. We could not really see the puppies as they were in the basket but we think we counted two or three. Mum looked like she had had far too many puppies but seemed very friendly and came over to the edge of her cage.

We would really like to get ALL these dogs out of the isolator and give them a chance. We need urgent foster homes so we can get them out. Due to the other pups having Parvo virus earlier in the year, Cvety and Iva cannot risk taking in puppies as the virus can remain dormant on the ground etc for up to 6 months.


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    These are unhumane conditions for any dog to be “living” in. There is money available to look after them with the basics, water, food and some comfort, yet it is “going missing” and nobody seems to know where this funding has gone. Please help the dogs out, there is worldwide attention on you through Facebook and other Internet sites, so it would be great to see that you are doing something positive to help these dogs.

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      September 13, 2012 - 6:27 pm | Permalink

      We all know where the money is ‘going’ – it is just that corruption and not wanting to deal with the problem is rife here. Dogs do not tend to ‘live’ here. It is an isolator. It is where dogs are taken to from the street to be neutered. If they are old or sick or very young they are meant to be treated and re-homed. Usually they die of disease or disappear. Healthy dogs are put back on the street under trap, neuter, return programs. However often neutering is not done properly. Without more foster carers and permanent homes there is little we can do. There are hundreds and hundreds of dogs living in conditions like these and worse, all over Bulgaria. We are doing what we can with VERY limited resources. We helped get 14 pups and Mum out of here earlier in the year. All but 5 of the pups died. Mum and the 5 pups are all now in permanent or foster homes. We adopted one of them.

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