What’s Been Happening….

Well the bitterly cold spell in Bulgaria is over. However each new day brings new challenges for the shelters.

cherno more dog rescue shelterAnimal-SOS have been busy doing building work at the sanctuary at Cherno More, getting the cat house ready and other enclosures.

Meanwhile Kazanlak shelter have been dealing with a large number of medical emergencies and nasty abuse cases. There is Victoria – a cat that has endured unbelievable cruelty and pain. She was covered in oil and set alight and then thrown in a trap so all 4 legs were badly cut. She is currently at the veterinary hospital and has had one front leg amputated.

Ginger was brought to Stara Zagora from Pazardjik after being beaten almost daily by his owner. He has suffered neurological issues because of the beatings. He appears to have been hit by a car at some point and then because of his mistreatment has started chewing his leg. His other hind leg had frost bite and was badly inflamed. One leg has had to be amputated.

Hera was caught in a trap and badly injured. Roy is a gorgeous little puppy who was thrown into the Kazanlak compound with a broken leg and was found screaming in pain and very frightened. He has now been operated on and is hopefully to be adopted to the UK.

THANKS to some generous donations and our own ebay sales we have been able to donate 100 E to the Kazanlak shelter for help with medical bills and 50 Euros to Animal-SOS for food and other help. Animal SOS currently owe around 2000 levs in unpaid bills for food so funds are desperately needed.

We are still collecting items in the UK for a delivery to Bulgaria hopefully in May.

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