Improving the lives of stray and owned dogs in Maglizh municipality through neutering and out-reach programs

Twitchynoses is a small organisation working to improve the lives of stray, abandoned and injured dogs in the Maglizh region. We do not have our own shelter (although are in discussions with the local municipality to see if it would be possible) but where we can, we take in sick and injured or old dogs into our own home, rehabilitate them and prepare them for new homes. Over the last few years we have re-homed over 230 dogs and helped place many more with new families. We also work with the municipality pound in Kazanlak to provide resources and help where needed.

However our main priority is now neutering street dogs and village owned dogs, as we believe strongly that this is the only way to significantly reduce the number of un-wanted dogs in Bulgaria. There is currently no government funded or managed neutering program in the Maglizh district. We are aiming to change this. We have recently bought a property to turn into a neutering clinic and as a base for our out-reach program and have the support of the mayor. 

We also hope to provide a community out-reach program, working with local village mayors to offer free basic health care for animals in this region, installing running lines for chained dogs to give them more freedom and where possible educating on animal welfare and the benefits of neutering. More details about these specific campaigns and related projects can be found by clicking the pictures on the right. 

You can follow the impact we are having on the website. All dogs re-homed are neutered unless too old or too young, fully vaccinated and passported, blood tested and socialised with other dogs and people.   Dogs we neuter from the street and villages and return through TNR are checked on regularly, the same with any dogs we treat for parasites and mange on the street or owned by villagers. 

We will do our best to respond to any signal of animals in distress in our immediate area, however please note that our resources are limited and there are only two of us (along with trusted friends).

There is no municipality shelter in the Maglizh and no vets so we must travel to Stara Zagora or Kazanlak. There is no-where for sick or injured dogs to be taken to receive treatment and so these poor creatures mostly just suffer on the street, unless we can squeeze them in, get them fit and healthy and then find them a new home, so there is space for the next one. 

We receive no government funding and rely solely on donations and fund-raising to move forward with our work. You can see how you can get involved and help fundraise by seeing the pages above. If you would like to sponsor the TwitchyNoses website please get in touch. 

The Charity’s aim is to :-

# Organise neutering programmes in villages in  the Maglizh region.

# Ease the suffering and try and make life a little more pleasant for chained dogs and those kept in yards

# Help with education about animal welfare and the benefits of wide spread neutering.

# Provide practical help to already existing shelters local to us (Kazanlak) and assit with various sundry items that they may need.

# Raise funds to buy food and carry out routine veterinary care including sterilisations

# Fund Emergency operations where necessary

# Take badly injured, mal-nourished or diseased dogs off the streets in our area

# Help find new homes for animals in the municipality pounds and in our care.

# Help prosecute animal cruelty and push for better enforcement and harsher punishment for the perpetrators.

Please see details of the dogs we have for re-homing below.  

Thank you! 


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We adopted two dogs from Bulgaria, Cora in 2015 and Olive in 2016, we have always had dogs, but considering these two were street dogs they are the most amazing, fun loving and devoted dogs we have ever had, loving life, a great big thank you to twitchynoses xx


We adopted Ivan in January 2016, he came over from Twitchy Noses to Dogs 4 Rescue in Manchester. Street dogs are just the perfect companion....they just want to be loved and have a home to call their own. Ivan has never had any separation anxiety and is very clean. And after not knowing how to play with toys, there's no stopping him now! He's our world xx